by Elision Of Animus

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Debut EP


released May 17, 2013




BandoftheWeek Montreal, Québec

Underground metal promotion

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Track Name: Self Ventriloquist
I’ve told myself a lie
I am a parasite
I know I’m shit from design
Alone, denied
I am spiteful
Callous, unrepentant
My own hands will exorcise
I am bitter
I am vengeful

Blood will be shed
Darkness be damned
For I will descend to hell

I will not break
I’ll kill what made me kill
I will undemonize
I will abolish fear
Slay the Father of Lies
Blood will be shed
For I will descend to hell
Track Name: Penumbra
Shadows of the fallen have awaited me
In this putrid mass of darkness
Bow down, pay respect
I stand as a dangerous man
For my wounds are uncovered
Every time that you cried I gained life
Disrupt my ears and my eyes, they lie
And all the shivers, I must deny
Fucked with her heart, fed on her cries
Now they’ll regret that I am alive
The time has come!

Who knocked at my door?
You have come to blame us
For your doings against your kind
Where was your conscience, mortal
When we pushed you from the light?
At your hands, they bled
Your lungs rejoiced with fear

Now let me ask of you
Do you know where you got yourself into?
The woe and regret I’m to imbue
You’ll breathe pain, you deranged
This is your end.
Track Name: Umbra
You will know regret
Say goodbye to your sanity
You are the righteous son of FATHER
Enslaved by your dishonor
(Ódio ; Mágoa ; Nojo – Sufoco)
Hands dyed in crimson, inhuman
Taste the blood of her
Innocence destroyed
Your judgment shall begin
I say
You’re the monster
Don’t make me (HA HA HA HA)
(Creature, now you’ll regret that you’re still alive)

I can’t depart
Inside my mind await the darkest tides
At the gates of hell
The truth amounts to piles
Look at what you’ve done
Hide your hands, tell yourself a lie

I am but a saint
Designed and doomed to sin

I cast your soul to burn forevermore
Know how Conscience is deafening
Your reflection’s fading
Taste the blood

There are no heroes, there are no foes
All I see is banquets of tears and bones
There are no heroes, there are no bloody foes
What’s there to find in woe
Track Name: Fog Of War
Rid of your sanity
This is your fog of war
I will rejoice
When your sanity dies

Doomed to the head attached to your neck
With Realization that we are one self
Truth be prevailing
Pain – devastating
Let us feast upon your last words

The songs of grandeur silenced
I am but a saint
Design and doomed to sin

I am your bleeding conscience
I am your torn soul
Track Name: Memorial
Cold as the winter
Truth defiled
Feeling the burden
Redefined from all that died
I transfigurate